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The Last Hours Character Portraits

Beberapa waktu yang lalu Cassie Clare mengumumkan seri terbaru dari dunia pemburu bayangan yang diberi judul The Last Hours. Berita tersebut membuat gempar Shadowhunters seluruh dunia dan mulai bertanya-tanya seperti apakah seri ini nantinya.

Untuk memperkenalkan tokoh-tokoh yang akan muncul di The Last Hours, Cassie Clare memposting Character Portraits yang dibuat oleh Cassandra Jean di tumblr-nya.

The Last Hours: character portraits

After the The Last Hours announcement yesterday (the day before? Sometime..) I thought you might like to see/get to know a few of the prominent characters. Cassandra Jean drew these for me months ago, back when I was still solidifying some of the plot outlines and character details. You can also find most of these names on the family tree and identify their connections. Let’s start with …

Cordelia Carstairs. Bit of a scapegrace and ever since she was ten she’s had a sort of a crush on

James Herondale, who is parabatai with

the always-delightful Matthew Fairchild, and has a very odd relationship with Tatiana’s Blackthorn’s ward

Grace Blackthorn, whose brother Jesse Blackthorn may or may not be dead

a mystery that occupies the busy brain of writer

Lucie Herondale, whose father would really prefer she marry

Alastair Carstairs, Cordelia’s older brother. Shown with Cortana — looks like Elias did as Tessa suggested and passed it down to his own children after all.Alastair is best friends with

Charles Fairchild, who you may remember as Potentially Buford from Clockwork Princess. Charles would like to be the next Consul, alas, and Henry finds he rather gets along better with Cecily and Gabriel’s son

who is the younger brother of the ever so sophisticated

Anna Lightwood.

This isn’t all the characters, but it’s a visual tour of quite a few of the significant ones (barring those, like Tessa, Jem, Will and the other adults, who you already know!) I find having visuals of characters often helps while I’m writing so these live above my desk!

Semakin ga sabar nih menunggu seri terbaru dari dunia pemburu bayangan yang satu ini.

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