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Official : Godfrey Gao Sebagai Magnus Bane

Akhirnya setelah lama sabar menunggu siapakah yang bakal berperan sebagai Warlock super sexy dan hooooot, Magnus Bane di film City of Bones, hari ini Cassie Clare mengumumkan secara resmi di tumblrnya Godfery Gao bakal berperan sebagai Magnus Bane.

It’s raining on Magnus!

Godfrey Gao lahir 22 September 1984, memiliki nama asli Gao Yi Xian, berdarah China-Malaysia. Dia adalah seorang Aktor dan Model, dan memiliki tinggi 195 cm.

Berikut Cassie menulis di tumblrnya :

So after an exhaustive search during which many, many hot Asian men were considered by the casting director (her job, so painful), the director, and the seventy-odd other dudes who have to sign off on this kind of thing, I can confidently tell you that our Magnus may be …


Which is only fitting for Magnus, of course.

Our Magnus is:

Godfrey Gao.

Godfrey is, in addition to being all gorgeous and stuff, super-talented (his audition was awesome), loves the books, and is, like Magnus, ridiculously tall.

He is also super-nice — we emailed briefly and he said “I’m half Southeast Asian, because my mom is Peranakan Malaysian And my dad is Shanghainese - Soo hopefully the fans will like me playing Magnus!”

Oh, I don’t think there’s any worry about that! But if you are as happy and excited as I am, tell Godfrey! He’s on twitter at http://twitter.com/godfreygao and he’d love to hear from you.
Meanwhile, I am off to compose a letter to whosoever may be playing Alec.

Dear So and So,
Here are some pictures of Magnus. Please feel free to send me a fruit basket. My address is …


Siapakah Godfrey Gao? Cek biodatanya berikut ini yuk :

Nama : 高以翔 / Gao Yi Xiang
Nama Inggris : Godfrey Gao / Godfrey Tsao
Nama asli : 曹志翔 / Cao Zhi Xiang
Profesi : Model dan aktor
Tanggal lahir: 22 Sept 1984
Tinggi : 195cm
Berat : 88kg
Zodiak : Virgo
Shio  : Rat
Golongan Darah : O
Pendidikan : Capilano University
Bahasa : Mandarin and English

Serial TV

Sheng Nu De Dai Jia as Gao Zi Qi (Hunan TV, 2012)
Volleyball Lover as Bai Qian Rui (CTS, 2010)
Momo Love (CTV, 2009)
Bull Fighting (TTV, 2007)
Wo Yao Bian Cheng Ying Shi Zi (CTS, 2007)
Love Queen (CTS, 2006)
Chao Ji Pai Dang Super (CTS, 2006)
The Kid from Heaven (CTS, 2006)


All About Women (2008)

Godfrey juga disebut-sebut sebagai World's First Asian Male Supermodel karena berhasil menjadi model Asia pertama untuk brand Louis Vuitton

SOURCE: http://cassandraclare.tumblr.com/  http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Godfrey_Gao

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